The Diagnostic Reading Centre is:

  • A program in the Peguis Central School which teaches students in Grade 2 - 6 literacy and organizational strategies to enhance classroom learning.
  • Seven-week, half-day, Monday through Thursday sesions: students spend the other half days and Fridays in their home classroom.
  • An individualized program for students with academic learning needs in ELA instruction.


Diagnostic Reading Centre Staff

  • An Administrator
  • Diagnostic Reading Teacher Leader
  • Resource Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants


Follow Up Support

  • Involves working together with the home/school team for 6-8 weeks folowing exit. (resource teacher, L.A. and administrators)
  • May be provided by a teaching assistant at the school.
  • May include consultation by the center for appoximately one year.

Students Who Will Benefit Most:

  • Display a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Demonstrate average to above average ability to learn.
  • Function within two years of grade placement in ELA instruction.
  • Have parents/guardians who fully suport the Diagnostic Reading Centre program.
  • Have consistent attendance.

Parental Involvement

  • Support daily home reading.
  • Sign a daily communiciation sheet.
  • Support regular attendance.
  • Attend parent night and school team meetings.