By James Wastasecoot
It’s back to school at Peguis Central. The new year began with a school assembly in the gym on Sept. 5, 2019 where members of Council, school administration and School Board representatives spoke to the students. assembly Marty 600Councillor Marty Favel addresses the student body at assembly.

Chief Hudson encouraged the students to continue working at the things that they’re good at, whether its sports or other activities. He told the gathering that Peguis is growing in more ways than one. He noted Peguis population is now 11,000. He also pointed to the growth in the community services including a splash pad which will be built in the next month for operation next year. He noted Peguis’s record of winning four straight Junior B hockey champs and the Peguis Redmen baseball team which came out on top at the Canadian National Fastball Championships in August. He mentioned that Jeff Thomas, Truancy Officer at Peguis Central, is likely going to join Team Canada fastball. “Peguis is growing in terms of its population size and its activities,” he said. “We have to keep up with that growth. There’s going to be opportunities for those who graduate from high school.”

Rod Sutherland, School Board Chair, urged the students “Work hard and you will succeed, not only in your education dreams, but your sport dreams.”
Sherry Sutherland, Education Director welcomed new teachers, staff and students. “Welcome to a full-day kindergarten program,” she said to the front row of students. “That’s new for our students.” She acknowledged Emma Bear who won a bronze medal at the Western Canada Summer Games. “It’s awesome to have everybody back and I hope that you all have a wonderful year.”
There are now 750 students registered. Teachers this year number 65 and there are 35 Education Assistants. “So far, things are progressing well,” said Principal, Rick McCorrister, who is entering his 2nd year in his role. “Classes are very full with an average of 25 – 27 per students in each class. Peguis Central is also staffed with 12 administrative personnel, 12 maintenance and custodians and 26 bus drivers.