By James Wastasecoot seneca dancersThe Seneca dancers put it all out on the dance floor, leaving their audience in stitches and tears.

The 10th annual Peguis Central Fall Festival was a roaring success, if laughs, food and fun are part of the measure. Councillor Annette Spence-Meeches brought greetings from the Council saying that everyone should just enjoy themselves as this is what the Fall Festival is all about. It was after the welcoming speeches that the fun started with Peguis teachers and staff taking to the stage as the Seneca Root dancers. Dressed as animals, cowboys, farmers and - there was at least one pig - the dancers bumped and heel-toed at the front of the hall, to the delight of the packed hall. Some of the dancers peformed like professionals, observed a school board member.

School Board chair, Rod Sutherland, got up and sang “Rolling on the River” by Creedence Clearwater Revival on the Kariok. Then Sylvia Wastasecoot, a new teacher at Peguis Central (Grade two), accompanied students on guitar to a rendition of “You are my sunshine.” Sylvia was later joined by several singers: Amnesty Parisian, Bill Thomas and others. A feast was laid on with many delicious desserts like chocolate cake, lemon meringue, and bannana cream. In the afternoon, the Next Generation Steppers performed under the watchful eye of Vivian Chaske, VP at Peguis Central. Margaret Sutherland’s Pow Wow dance troupe revved things up with colour and youthful energy that excited the crowd.sylvia studentsSylvia Wastasecoot performs with students.

 misty parisianAmnesty Parisian performs at the Fall Festival.