By James Wastasecoot goosehunt600L to R: Bernie McCorrister, Liam Bear, Nolan Bear, Elliot Sutherland

Peguis Central Senior high students shot geese, cooked them and then spent some time picking up garbage that was left at the hunting site during an outing April 17 and 18. Bernie McCorrister, Land-based education teacher said the field trip was a first-ever goose hunt for students and it turned out successfully. Victor Sutherland, school safety officer, supervised the trip at Selkirk.

Elder Wayne Manningway was also in attendance providing guidance and instruction on the handling of guns and how to be respectful of animals and the land.
The students also spent some time practice-shooting at the shooting range north of Selkirk under the instruction of experienced hunter Chris Benson from Ducks Unlimited Canada.
“Elliot Sutherland shot one goose on the Selkirk trip but it was a good meal,” he said. “The main thing was that they learned to shoot, cook and got experience under the guidance of an experienced hunter.”
Most of the students have experience on the land and have gone on family hunting trips growing up in Peguis. It was their first time hunting at the Oak Hammock Marsh.
The students stayed overnight at a local hotel and spent the second day cleaning up garbage in the area. “It’s important that we all contribute to taking care of the land and by engaging in this we also carry on the tradition of respect for the land and the animals who are a part of it,” said McCorrister. groupshot 600Woman, Nolan Bear, Layne Bear, Elliot Sutherland, Bernie McCorrister, Chris Benson, Victor Sutherland

The Peguis outing was at the southeast part of the reserve where 3 instructors and 3 students met at 5 in the morning. From there the group headed out to a hunting site and set up decoys and a blind. When the geese came, the hunters were able to shoot down 5 geese and a duck. These were plucked and cooked back at the school behiind the huts.