By Abigail Spencepinkday2019600

Peguis Central School takes a stand against bullying with pink day assembly. On April 10th, 2019 many students from grades one to twelve came together and attended multiple different presentations within the school’s pink day assembly.

Many schools all over north America acknowledge pink day because of a young boy from Nova Scotia who was getting bullied over wearing a pink shirt to school. Two other students heard about what was happening to this young boy and decided they would order a whole bunch of pink shirts and hand them out to students all over their school to show this victim of bullying they weren’t alone.
Peguis Central School had some pink day fun, having competitions between the school’s classroom on which class could have the highest number of pink clothing worn by students. The winning class was awarded a pizza party paid for by the school. The school also had an anti-bullying poster contest and essay contest. The winning student was awarded with a cash prize they could keep for themselves.
Peguis Central School started off their pink day assembly with a prayer from elder Robert Delorme and a drum song sung by Loud Eagle. This lead into an informational video about why we have pink day. The school had Peguis’s square dancing group, The Next Generation Steppers, came in and did a couple of their dance routines. Ironically, some of the kids in their group did not want to dance in front of the large crowd of students, thinking they would get laughed at or that they would be made fun of. The teachers and students in the crowd showed The Next Generation Steppers that there was nothing to be afraid of with giving them a big round of applause when they were done their routine.
Towards the end of the assembly, former student Brandi Bodner came in and spoke about her very own experience with bullying. She told the students about how she got bullied from such a young age that she dealt with many health problems by the age of ten caused from being the victim of bullying. She wanted to let the students know they needed to love themselves and each other because bullying can effect people in many different ways.
Peguis Central School ended their pink day by having all the students form a circle in the gymnasium and do a round d