By James Wastasecoot
There’s a new program at Peguis Central School that gives students a chance to earn their lunch by doing jobs that need done around the school. lunchprog500Faron Bruce-Stevenson helps Elder Clementine Spence in lunch duties.
The students earn coupons which are then cashed in at the school cafeteria for menu items. Students who want to participate must sign up at the main office desk until 10 o’clock each day. The names of 20 students are randomly drawn and those students are given a task helping out a staff member somewhere in the school. “It’s a way of reinforcing the idea of contributing to your own food by working for it,” said Bill Thomas, mental health therapist at Peguis Central, who, along with the Elders Program began the project. “They undergo an orientation session and they must have parental consent.”
The program is sponsored by Jordan’s Principle unit at Peguis Health Centre.

“The program is to encourage children to learn the values of their ancestors,” said Rhonda Traverse, Jordan’s Principle program director. “Responsibility, work ethics, respect, these are values and ideals that got their parents and grand parents through living on the land in the past. They’re essential life skills that will help them throughout their lives.”
During the program, the students will learn about: responsibility, work ethics, boundaries, respect, communication skills, and emotion management.