Bev has been 10 years at Peguis Central.BevCochrane200

“I feel privileged to be a part of the education program and to contribute to children’s learning,” she said. “A serious challenge that we have to work on is the bullying and rough play that goes on in the school. It would be good if the parents could be more involved in supervision in the school yard. Parents also need support in the care and upbringing of their children. We can only do so much at the school.”

Welcome to Peguis Central School.
Peguis Central School offers Nursery to grade 12. Our total enrollment this year is 834 students. We have 59 teaching staff. Our school offerings are premised on the belief that education is key in providing a foundatiRickMccorrister200on for life-long learning by promoting an environment where parents, school board members, administrators and teachers all work together in a caring partnership to help our children grow and learn. We value indigenous teachings and strive to keep our traditions, language and values alive through our Ojibway and Cree language, land-based programs, and history.
On behalf of the school administration, I hope you find our site informative and please feel welcome to drop in and pay us a visit.

This is my first year at Peguis Central School. MaryFavel300
I graduated from Grade 12 University Entrance Courses at Peguis Central old school. I persevered raising my two children working, then went back to Red River College. I successfully completed a Business Administration Diploma major Human Resource Management. I enjoy my role here and hope that I can be a role model for other young single mothers out there. If I can do it, they can too.

Sharon Bear began her teaching career in 1984 at the old Peguis Central School. SharonBear200
She has been a school administrator for 9 years and strongly advocates for students’ daily attendance, the traditional guiding principle of respect and parental involvement.

“Parental involvement is key to making our school a place where children feel safe, a place where they can learn and improve,” she said. “We need the support of parents in the school and to ensure that their children attend daily in a respectful manner, not only for themselves but for classmates and teachers. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing our children making progress in their academics, being respectful and heling one another. When we see that, it’s a tribute to parents, teachers and community.”